About Us

The Lifestyle Service was launched in 2013 by Founder & Director Julia Barnett who has a broad range of experience in Complementary Health & Beauty. Having previously worked in the corporate and healthcare settings, Julia realised that many people were not functioning at their workstations in the best way possible due to incorrect posture and, as a result, this would lead to upper back, neck and shoulder pain. Often, this poor posture would cause staff to experience headaches, loss of concentration, muscle tightness and soreness and low levels of productivity at work. She also found that the pain experienced in the upper back, neck and shoulders had a direct effect on their emotional health. This is why Julia decided to start The Lifestyle Service, to help individuals suffering from work-related ill health, to combat the effects of poor posture and to help them find physical and emotional balance in every area of their life.

A firm believer in ‘prevention is better than cure’, Julia now works with soon-to-be retired women to support them in finding that oh-so-important balance in their life. Whether her clients have back issues, poor posture or need support with their emotional wellbeing as they get older, both Julia’s and The Lifestyler Service team’s broad range of experience are here to help.

To get started, simply call or fill in the form on our website to book in for a consultation. Julia’s unique ‘Lifestyle Questionnaire’ will help her to find out more about you, your habits and general health. This questionnaire also allows Julia to identify areas for improvement, and to create a bespoke, yet holistic, treatment plan to support your needs.

Get in touch to arrange your free 30-minute consultation, and start the journey towards making the most of your well-deserved retirement years today!