Welcome to The Lifestyle Service

Do you suffer from upper back pain, poor posture or with struggling to move like you used to? Are you coming up to retirement and wondering how you’ll continue to keep up with the grandchildren? At The Lifestyle Service, we understand the joy that retirement can bring to your life! With a new-found life balance and a world of possibilities, it’s now your time to live a vibrant and fulfilled life. Retirement doesn’t have to mean slowing down - in fact, it’s the perfect time to embrace your body, and take back control of your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Here at The Lifestyle Service, we are committed to supporting you in seeking the vital balance within yourself to improve your self-esteem and confidence as you approach retirement. With decades of experience in health and wellbeing, our team are here to support your journey to youthfulness, vitality and confidence in your retirement years.

We understand the “it’s time to rest!” signs that your body gives off -- fatigue, mood swings, poor concentration, weight gain/loss, appearance and overall satisfaction with life. Our team of experienced complementary therapists work with you to identify key areas of change or improvement, as we firmly believe that prevention is better than cure. We help you to gain strength, movement and flexibility where it matters, so that you can sail through retirement feeling youthful and strong. Our holistic packages support you in addressing where you need a ‘lift’, and we’ll be delighted to support you on this important and life-affirming journey.

We believe that retirement isn’t the be-all and end-all. So give us a call or fill in the form to arrange a 30 minute consultation, where you can find out more on how we can help you make the most of your well-deserved retirement years.

We look forward to meeting with you soon.

Julia Barnett

The Lifestyle Service Director